At Aviv-Segev we specialize in investment portfolios management and operate without any conflict of interest, while focusing on the best interests of the client and his portfolio. The company is independent and licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to provide investment management and consultation services.

Our portfolio management is professional, meticulous and dynamic, while each portfolio is managed and supervised personally by our chief investment manager on a daily basis.
Investment portfolio management is carried out using the bank where the client's account is managed and according to the client's choosing. The client gives the company power of attorney to operate its investment account according to the framework and policy set with him. At any given moment the client can see his portfolio's status via a link to his web account. It is important to note that the company has no right to withdraw funds from the client's account other than management fees in accordance with the agreement signed with the client.

The minimal size for the management of an investment portfolio by the company is NIS 750,000. The company's clientele is composed of companies and private individuals.
The service received by the company's clients resembles in character a "family office" service, as the company provides its customers with a wide umbrella of services, including: assistance in supervising and managing their bank accounts, control and negotiations with the banks, and more.

The Company's founding and management team is: Dana Aviv and Avi Segev.

אבי שגב

Avi Segev, one of the company's owners and chief investment manager. Mr. Segev holds a BBA majoring in financing and has 20 years of experience on the capital market and banking field; he has also served in numerous professional positions in the
capital market field, financial instruments. Mr. Segev specializes in the debenture market both in Israel and abroad, and in central stock markets worldwide, particularly in the US; all of the above is in addition to his vast experience "in the field" in investment consultancy and management.


דנה אביבDana Aviv is one of the company's owners and founders. Ms Aviv holds an LLB and a law practicing license since 1999 as well as a BA in political science and humanities. Ms Aviv has served in a number of positions as part of the "Aviv and co., Contractor Company for Construction Works", including the organization and management of the company's high yielding real estate in England, and operations in the capital market, mainly abroad and with investments, using financial tools for several years now.


Avi Segev and Dana Aviv: "We started Aviv-Segev because we believe it is possible to work differently and that our method of work will enable clients to maximize profits in their investment portfolios. We believe that when managing investments the work should be focused, smart and while keeping one's finger on the pulse."

Our company's creed is to manage the client's investment portfolio professionally, loyally and with care under any market condition!