Aviv-Segev is happy to introduce a new service: IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

An individual retirement account is an innovative new product on the pension savings market, which enables the planholder saving to manage his savings funds as part of an investment portfolio, in such a way as to suit his nature and needs.

Using the IRA method, the client can manage his own portfolio or use a portfolio manager if he so prefers, while the funds are kept in the framework of a retirement fund, with full transparency and daily follow up of his retirement fund.

Here at Aviv-Segev we suggest you manager your retirement fund as an investment portfolio which is managed by us in collaboration with IRA Israel Ltd. (which is the "Managing Company"). IRA Israel holds a license to manage retirement funds under personal management from the Ministry of Finance and supplies the legal and operational infrastructure for personally managing retirement funds. The saver's money is managed in the same way as any investment portfolio is managed by our company.
All reports and actions in the saver's account (deposits, withdraws etc.) are executed by the Managing Company as in any other retirement fund.

Who can manage a retirement fund using the IRA method?
Anyone can join a personally managed retirement fund if the funds deposited therein were deposited before 2008 and it is on the capital course. Any planholder who complies with these criteria may convert his retirement fund to a retirement fund managed using the IRA method.

Funds from a personally managed fund can be invested only in negotiable securities, deposits and trust funds, in Israel and in foreign countries approved by the Ministry of Finance regulations.

Advantages of saving using the IRA method retirement fund:

  • The client is an active partner in choosing his investment course / mix.
  • A better match of the way the savings money is managed in harmony with the client's needs and preferences, while at the same time the client enjoys the assistance of a professional with many years of experience.
  • All benefit rights, including maintaining seniority, which are granted by the retirement fund remain in force.
  • Full transparency all along the way.

How can I open a personal retirement fund?

So if you have decided you want Aviv-Segev's premium service of personal management for your retirement fund please contact us and we will explain to you in detail how to do it…