What does it mean to manage your investment portfolio in an "investment boutique" such as Aviv-Segev?

We handle each client individually and view him as unique; which is why we do not have a few "typical" models of investment portfolios (such as "solid", "aggressive", etc.) for the client to choose from.

Your investment portfolio is created and adapted to your needs, your investment term and your preferences. The client is always in the center.

The fact that we are not a large body where any decision regarding investments must go through a number of certification processes (various investment committees) enables us to react fast to different market developments. This also means the period of time between the making of a decision and its execution is relatively short. In places where every decision has to go through an investment committee and many bodies of the sort, it is difficult to react in time to real time market developments and one is always "chasing" after the market instead of trying to beat it…

In addition, our clients have a direct connection with their investment manager and they can consult with him, ask questions and receive answers rapidly and directly, from the person actually managing their money.
However, one of the main characteristics of our activity which makes it unique is the fact that portfolio management is our core activity, unlike most investment houses where it is only a small and much less significant part, compared with other activities, such as: retirement fund management, pension fund management and so on. The fact that we do not market any particular body's financial instrument (such as trust funds) allows us to focus on what is really suitable and good for the client and his investment portfolio, without being influenced by foreign considerations.

We truly believe that our way is the right and best way to manage your investment portfolio!